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Why do athletes work with Psychologists?

Many things can influence an athlete’s ability to perform at their best including physical, mental and emotional factors. While coaches and trainers work with athletes on the physical aspects of their sport, Sport Psychologists work with athletes on the psychological/mental factors that influence their sporting performance. 

Psychologists are specially trained in working with individuals on the mental factors that influence their lives. To help athletes cope with the mental demands of their sport and bring about their optimal performance, Psychologists work with them to identify those things affecting them and to develop the necessary skills to improve their performance. 

Some of the reasons why athletes seek help from a Sport Psychologist include:

  • Improving performance and developing mental skills
  • Improving confidence
  • Coping with the pressures of competition  
  • Managing nerves and feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Being motivated and staying focused
  • Recovering from injury, overtraining and burnout 
  • Goal setting; time management
  • Communication skills, mediating and resolving conflicts with team member, coaches, sporting systems
  • Team building and leadership
  • Managing feelings of failure, or being dropped 
  • Managing the adjustment of early or unwanted retirement and career transitions
  • Health, wellness, weight management and eating patterns
  • Balancing sport and study, employment and/or family life
  • Parents can also learn to assist and support their children to enjoy their sport while performing at the highest level possible

In addition to working with athletes on these factors, our team are all experienced Registered Psychologists who are able to work with athletes on personal issues and emotional factors that could also be influencing their ability to perform optimally.

We also specialise in working with children who are high performing athletes and whom wish to develop their skills further. 

So if you are wanting to reach your sporting goals, fulfil your potential, are worried or stressed about your performance, been injured, or are struggling with a new or tough environment, we can help  Click here to make a referral

We(NZCPA) have been working with Paula for the past 3 years and found Paula to be extremely professional and effective in dealing with our player’s clinical issues. Paula’s become a key service provider for us over the past 3 years and has an in depth knowledge in her own field but also sport in general.

Sanj Silva - National Personal Development Manager- NZCPA