To refer a client/patient to our Auckland Sport Psychology team, a division of Sport Psychology Associates, please directly email one of our team below who will be in contact asap to organize an appointment.  Appointments are generally between 45-60 minutes in duration and fees are payable on completion or by arrangement with the psychologist. 

Please note our Cancellation/Non Attendance Policy - if you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment please provide at least 24-hours notice as sessions not attended or cancelled within this 24 hours period will incur the full fee charge.  Non-paid invoices may be subject to debt collection and incur associated costs.


Paula Dennan SPA Director
Practice Location: Parnell / Zoom 
Availability: by arrangement
Consultation Fee: $245 (incl gst)

Sarah De Wattignar SPA Associate
Practice Location: Ponsonby/Zoom
Consultation Fee: $230 (incl GST) 

Ian Lambie SPA Director
Practice Location: Ponsonby/Zoom
Availability: by arrangement
Consultation Fee: $235 (incl GST)

Hamish McIntosh SPA Associate
Practice Location: Albany/Zoom
Availability:  by arrangement
Consultation Fee: $207 (incl GST)

Craig Barretto SPA Associate
Practice Location: Parnell/Zoom
Availability:  by arrangement
Consultation Fee: $185 (incl gst)

Eleanor Krol SPA Associate
Practice Location: Wellington/Zoom
Availability:  by arrangement
Consultation Fee: $190 (GST n/a)


With gymnastics being a sport that is just as mental as it is physical, Paula was able to help me train my mind to become mentally tougher in and out of the gym. Learning to deal with any fears or anxiety I may have had about a certain skill or learning how to get through a bad day was essential for me as an athlete if I wanted to be competitive in my sport.